Waffle (above) or Windowpane (below)

Lace Design with stripes or on solid coloration

Discover the art

Your farm - your yarn


We can provide you with products that are hand woven with the fiber that you work so hard to cultivate within your herd or flock. You simply complete the intake form and mail it with your fiber.  Once received, you will be notified and provided a fee estimate, after the yarn is calculated, for the chosen pieces and additionally provided the estimated delivery date of your order, typically 3-4 weeks.  We have no minimum requirements, we can weave you one piece or one hundred, further we do not require a deposit.

Each piece is woven by hand, no automated machinery is utilized. Our production time includes the set up of the loom, the hand weaving of the piece, the finishing techniques employed and all items are washed, pressed and tagged before they are returned to you.

Plain Designs with solid or stripe(s)


  • Scarves
  • Rugs
  • Shawls/Wraps
  • Throws

Our Designs


As alpaca farmers ourselves, we understand the need for markup. We offer reasonable rates for handcrafted items so that you can easily price the products to sell in your marketplace.  We never charge a set up fee and any unused portion of yarn is returned with your completed items.  Return shipping to you is Free.

Blanket in Twill

A Design Studio


Plain, Lace, Waffle, Window Designs available


Plain, Lace, Waffle, Window Designs available

Throw Blanket40"x70"Plain or Twill Designs available
Rugs / Floor Runners / Bleacher Seat Pads / Stair Treads

Popular Rug Sizes





Runners, Seats, Stairs use the same united inch pricing.

Additional Sizes Available up to 45"wide

Use of Cotton or Wool for Warp base. Pricing Calculated on United Inch Measurement

United Inch = Width+Length

(ex: 24"+36"=60" e.g. $60)

Use of our Alpaca or Alpaca Silk in your items
Additional $0.20 per united inch
Yarn Only Custom Dyed
by the pound
Yarn Only Hand Painted
by the pound
Custom Dye of completed piece
Additional  $0.25 per united inch